Dirty Business is a great escape into the life of what men think and how women take control. If you are seeking a good book to snuggle with and get lost, this is it.


K. Moseley

***Spoiler alert***

I am definitely intrigued by what happens next. I was giving Avery the side-eye when she revealed that she had been without work for 6 months. I was like no ma'am I would have been at Mcdonald's as long as a paycheck was coming in.


B. Veasey


I enjoyed it a lot!  Jolie did a great job plotting out the story line and then tying up all the loose ends to bring it to a solid close.  She had me hooked from beginning to end and I was genuinely surprised. 

The characters are pretty well developed with an unpredictable personality which makes the story that much more entertaining. The final scene took a strong turn and was the surprise I was looking for! It's definitely entertaining and holds my attention through until the end. This is good work!


Q. Jones

Each character provokes a different emotion. I couldn't wait to read what happened next.  Max gets on my nerves a little, lol. Mostly because he is too old to still be out in the streets. 

I like that Connie wants more for her life and she is trying to do it. She is in a tough situation but keeps pushing forward, she seems like she has some fight in her but hasn't quite used it yet.

I enjoyed the book and I know everyone else will also.


B. Veasey