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Constance Greene, a young twenty-four-year-old woman, wants to get out of the projects that she has been trapped in for years. When she encounters the dapper Maxwell Carrington, a forty-year-old prominent—and extremely handsome—architect, her world changes. These two unlikely love candidates hit it off, and what ensues is a love affair for the ages. 


Maxwell becomes so smitten that he abandons his bachelor ways and proposes to Constance. After “jumping the broom”, Constance goes from the proverbial outhouse to the penthouse. Platinum credit cards. Luxury cars. Expensive clothes. All the material things she dreamed of become hers. But her new husband forgot to tell her that he’s a package—when you get him you also get his secrets.


It isn’t until Constance finds herself bound and gagged alongside Maxwell in a seedy motel room that she realizes just how dark her husband’s secrets are. During Maxwell’s rise to the top he has collected more enemies than friends. But who could be so vengeful that they’d kidnap Constance too. Is it a jealous colleague? A scorned lover? Or, is it someone with a vendetta neither of them could have seen coming?

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